Monster Mania 30

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This was one of the most bittersweet shows for me, personally. I was about a week into a brutal tooth infection, my face was blown up and I couldn’t smile no matter how hard I tried. I had just started a new job so Kaity and her friend Andrea had to set up our table without me. It was also the show that I got to meet one of my heroes. I am a huge Terminator fan. When Terminator 2 came out I was 7, and I dressed as the T-800 terminator for like 3 years in a row, lol. So needless to say, Robert Patrick was at the top of my list of people to meet.

I was able to sneak away from the table on Friday about 20 minutes before the night ended and I got in to meet him. It’s always exciting and a little scary when you meet someone that you’re that excited about. Of course you’re excited, but what if something they do alters how you feel about them, ruins their image and in turn ruins the character you love so much? I can say what he did definitely altered how I felt. I reached out and shook his hand and told him we made him something that was his and only his, I handed him his custom T-1000 mug and he held it up like it was an Oscar, practically hugged it when he was done looking at it. He was beyond grateful and as down to earth as can be. We talked about T2:3D which we go to see every year, how he took his kids there and got to meet the actors in the stage performance with them,  and he says it like it was a big deal to him. Maybe he was honored that someone would be that dedicated to perform the character in that way, but HE is the T-1000. He truly showed how much he cares about Terminator and how humble he is. I’ll never forget the amazing experience of meeting him.

Naomi. Such a sweetheart. As an over the top character, she deserved an over the top custom. It’s one of the most detailed designs we’ve ever done and it was a blast doing it. Not only did she take a picture of me and her with the mug, she blasted us out to facebook, twitter, and instagram!  It absolutely made our weekend! We ran into her a few times over the weekend and she always said hi and is just so very nice. If you guys haven’t met her yet, you need to. We’ve been doing this for a little while now and she’s one of the best!

Back to the face problems, I had to rush to an emergency surgery to drain the abscess on Saturday. The pain and swelling were just too much to take.  Thankfully Kaity’s the multitasking queen, and she took care of the table while studying. I felt a little better after, and got back to the show. We had such a good time seeing our friends and customers. We met and became friends with Kevin Spencer of and his awesome wife Angela. Of course got to see our good friends Daniela, Justin, and Elliot of LittlePunkPeople and buy more art from them ( every room in our house has at least one of their paintings ).

Sunday I finally got to see Tobin Bell. I met him at Monster Mania before we were vendors, and both of us were talking when the picture was taken. We were both making horrible faces, lol. This time my face was still messed up and half paralyzed so I guess I’m not supposed to get a good pic with him. Regardless he’s awesome. He’s Jigsaw! He too was so down to earth and thankful for the Saw mug we gave him.

It was a bumpy road but an awesome weekend. We love Monster Mania and can’t wait for the next one.